The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ) recently gave their full endorsement, calling the2Micpro™ :

“A brilliant solution for stealth amplification.”

Introducing the2Mic™ + TourMic wireless™ by classical guitarist Jack Cimo


Providing Exceptional Sound for Classical and Flamenco Guitars

the2Mic™, when used with modern powered PA speakers, makes amplification of classical and flamenco guitars simple, reliable, discreet, and with no need to modify any guitar.  the2Mic™ offers classical and flamenco guitarists the opportunity to fully enter the modern world of sound amplification, with the best natural tone, at high volumes, and without feedback.  


Adam Del Monte the2Mic™ Testimonial

Professional flamenco and classical guitarist Adam Del Monte speaks about his experience using the the2Mic™ on stage in his performances and concerts.

A Word from Ken Donnell, Our CEO and Inventor of the2Mic™

“There appears to be a happy convergence of technologies so that it is now practical to use the2Mic™ to amplify a wide range of both classical and contemporary stringed instruments. At the same time that classical musicians are becoming more comfortable with discreet and high quality amplification of their instruments, audio companies are bringing to market a wide range of high quality PA equipment at very affordable prices that are compatible with the2Mic™.

I predict the next decade will see a resurgence of interest in classical music now that audiences can hear all of the nuances and tonality of classical guitars, flamenco guitars, and the whole bowed instrument family.”

– Ken Donnell, CEO, lifetime musician, master luthier, legendary inventor of the2Mic™

the2Mic™ Acoustic Excellence

Our newly launched, innovative product, the2Mic™, is so simple to use. It offers classical and flamenco guitarists the freedom to enter the modern world of amplified sound in a simple way without any need to modify their guitar. Simply pair it with a new generation powered PA speaker, and enjoy the highest quality sound in a simple “plug-and-play” format. We invite every classical and flamenco guitarist to experience the joy of natural sound reproduction at volume, without feedback. It really is that simple.

The2Mic™ is designed by master luthier, and legendary inventor, Ken Donnell, who has contributed a lifetime of experience to building and amplifying guitars. Learn More…