TourMic™ Details

TourMic wireless(which includes the2Micpro™) offers classical and flamenco guitarists freedom:

  •  The freedom to be amplified, and sound as authentic as the natural sound of your guitar;
  • The freedom to perform,  without feedback,  at very high volume levels, such as with an orchestra;T
  • The freedom to perform without being tied to cables, wires, or amplifiers;
  • The freedom to be able to move about the stage or venue, the freedom to be able to set volume and EQ levels during a sound check while playing where the audience will later sit.  
  • The freedom to have effective controls for muting or volume control during a performance.
  • The freedom to appear, to the audience & other musicians on-stage,  that the guitar is not being amplified during a performance.  

TourMic wireless™  allows classical and flamenco guitarists to easily match the volume levels of any orchestral instrument, or even the volume level of a whole orchestra.  It even allows guitarists to perform with pop & jazz ensembles, and at volume levels approaching what some electric jazz styled guitars can achieve.  At the same time, guitars amplified using TourMic wireless™ will sound like the natural acoustic sound of the guitar….. only louder.  

TourMic wireless™ also offers classical & flamenco guitarists the ability to control their sound on stage by using the mute button or volume controls (view the TourMic wireless™ Manual).  Most valuable is the easily accessible mute button on the wireless transmitter (when attached to the guitar and the2Micpro output jack).   A guitarist can walk on-stage with the volume muted, bow, sit down & get comfortable, check the tuning, and then press the mute button to activate amplification.


At any time needed during a performance, a guitarist can easily un-mute the TourMic wireless™ by a single push to the mute button, adjust their seat, or footstool, tune strings, etc, and then press the mute button again to un-mute and re-start sound amplification.  Once the performance is complete, a guitarist can easily re-activate the mute before standing, take a bow, exit the stage.  If an encore is received, a guitarist simply repeats the stage entry procedure…. walk onto stage, bow, sit down, press the center button on the transmitter to un-mute, and begin playing.  

The Samson ATX wireless receiver used with the TourMic wireless™ is perfectly designed for applications with classical & flamenco guitars (view the TourMic wireless Manual).  It operates constantly on two separate frequencies so that if any interference occurs on the active frequency, the back-up frequency immediately become active.  

This ATX receiver also has dual outputs….. both high impedance (1/4” phone jack unbalanced), and low impedance  (full-size XLR output) and…

 There is a variable gain control on the output signal side so that the proper “gain staging” can be achieved between the output of the wireless receiver, and the input of the mixer or powered speaker to which the receiver is connected. These dual outputs and gain control permit the TourMic wireless™ to work perfectly with almost any generation of professional audio equipment, mixers,  and PA systems.    

Another useful feature of TourMic wireless™ is that it permits a guitarist to wander around a venue playing their guitar during the sound check, and set the volume and EQ levels in all parts of the concert hall to their own desires.  Maximum range for the wireless signal is approximately 90 meters (300 ft), which is more than adequate for every performance venue, indoors or outdoors.  


Finally, the TourMic wireless™ system includes a high quality padded gear bag where all of the TourMic wireless™ components easily fit, while still leaving extra room for keys, wallet, tablet device, passport, etc.  This padded gear bag qualifies as a “personal bag” for airline travel, so all of one’s most valuable personal items, including the TourMic wireless™, can be securely and safely “taken on the road.”