For professional guitarists who perform with valuable hand-made or historic instruments, the2Micpro™ is a dream come true, as it mounts quickly, safely and discreetly, with no modifications to the guitar.

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While the2Micpro™ can easily be removed after every use, it can also remain securely and safely mounted to the guitar, including if it is placed in a hard case for travel or transport.

Best of all, the2Micpro™ is fully compatible with the newest TourMic wireless™ systems, which takes performance for classical and flamenco guitars to an unprecedented level of sound quality, freedom of movement and ease of use.

From the viewpoint of the audience, a guitarist performing with the2Micpro™ and TourMic wireless™ does not appear to be using any form of amplification, which is why the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet calls these products

“…a brilliant solution in stealth amplification.”

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet