the2Micpro™ Details

the2Micpro™ is the newest and most advanced generation of quick mount  2mic models from Ken Donnell and MiniFlex Microphones.  the2Micpro™ was designed specifically for performance application with classical and flamenco guitars, but will work equally well for any acoustical guitar… nylon or steel stringed.  Plus, the2Micpro™ performs equally well in studio recording applications, being overall equivalent to any studio quality microphone possibly used for recording acoustic guitars.    It is much more lightweight, and mounts more discreetly than our earlier quick mount Model 3 MiniFlex™ (still available), which was designed only for studio applications, not live performance.  

the2Micpro™ will reproduce the highest quality of sound for any acoustical guitar, but be virtually undetectable from the viewpoint of the audience.  It will mount onto any acoustical guitar (classical-flamenco-steel string) in approximately 5 minutes, with no modifications, and with padding strategically located on the gooseneck assembly to protect the guitar.   The two separate mics attached to the2Micpro™ gooseneck can be easily re-positioned inside the guitar body to address problems of wolf tones, or to adjust the EQ as specifically desired by an individual guitarist.   the2Micpro™ can be easily moved from one guitar to another guitar

An important design improvement for the2Micpro™ is that it can be left mounted indefinitely on a guitar, including when the guitar is placed in a standard hard shell case  for travel & transport.  This is a critical feature for touring professional guitarists.  

the2Micpro™ is designed to operate via low voltage phantom power (6 – 15 v) which is available through many modern powered PA speakers and acoustic amplifiers.  An EPS-2 power supply is included which can receive 24-48 v phantom power from a PA mixer to operate the2micpro, and have a fully balanced low impedance mic level output.  (an optional EPS-1 battery operated power supply is available that produces a line level mono output signal which can be useful with older analog amplification gear).

Perhaps the most incredible feature of the2Micpro™ is its ability to work with the new TourMic wireless™ systems available through MiniFlex.  TourMic wireless™ gives guitarists the freedom to move around the stage and venue without being attached to anything via a cable, and yet to the view of the audience, the guitar appears to be unamplified.    With the2micpro™ and TourMic wireless™ a guitarist is now free to EQ the sound while roaming or sitting in the main audience area.    As members of the LA Guitar Quartet commented:   “TourMic wireless is a brilliant solution in Stealth Amplification”  (read more about the TourMic wireless here~)

WARRANTY – 2 years unconditional.   While the2Micpro™ is designed to withstand the rigors of touring professional musicians, it is also designed to be repaired if there is any problem from damage or component failure.   Any such needed repairs can be made in the MiniFlex facilities if returned to us, or we can instruct a repair person at another location to make most repairs to help save time and shipping costs.   From his many years of experience as a luthier, Ken Donnell, well knows the importance of being able to make repairs to any high quality hand-made musical product.  While MiniFlex microphones™  have always had a standard 1 unconditional year warranty, this has been doubled to a 2 year unconditional warranty for the2Micpro™.