Powered PA Speakers

Choosing a Powered PA Speaker for the2Mic™

There are many brands and models of Powered Speakers available in the modern world of audio amplification.  We want to help educate users of the2Mic™ about how to best choose a powered speaker to purchase, or how to best use a powered speaker one already owns.

Powered speakers come in many sizes, prices, and with many possible options.  The following features are highly recommended when choosing a powered PA speaker to use with the2Mic™:

  • Size and weight—You do not want to hurt your back lifting a heavy speaker. If you are traveling via air, a speaker must be extra small.
  • Good EQ capacity—Every room is different, and every guitar is different. Having good EQ helps to correct sound imperfections due to the room.
  • XLR and ¼” inputs—XLR inputs are most important.
  • Phantom power—48v or low voltage (9v minimum).
  • Good speaker design—Able to reproduce a full tonal frequency spectrum.
  • Line out features—Such line out features include a line out to a separate mixer, an effects loop for an equalizer, or a line out to a monitor
  • iPhone-MP3 inputs—While not essential, this is a nice feature if you ever want to have recorded music playing before or after a performance.
  • Speaker stand cup—This feature should be found on every Powered PA Speaker, but double-check before purchasing.

Recommended Power Speaker Brands

Here are some brands of powered speakers we recommend, along with notes about the best features for each.

LD Systems Stinger Mix6AG2

At the top of our list for suggested powered PA speakers is the “LD Stinger Mix6AG2”

Video description:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=982PkffkEw0

The Mix6AG2 has all of the most important features needed for using the2Mic™ with a powered PA speaker.  The sound quality is superb, and it is the most lightweight of any powered speaker we have tested.  The Mix6AG2 is so small and lightweight that touring guitarists could fly with a Mix6AG2.  Besides a substantial amount of power and a good amount of EQ capability, the Mix6AG2 has two separate line outs…. A non-powered “Monitor out” to send to a powered monitor or a separate mixer, and a powered out to an optional 2D passive main speaker.

The Mix6 has 2 separate bands of EQ, with 2 lines for the channel band (bass & treble),  and 3 lines for the master band (bass, mid, & treble)…. totaling 5 possible lines of EQ settings.

The Mix6AG2 is a product of the Adam Hall Group, based in Germany.  So, the Mix6AG2 is available in the EU, and elsewhere.

One additional note: the Mix6AG2 is designed with speaker cups smaller than the standard 35 mm.  An optional speaker stand adapter is available to permit using the Mix6AG with any standard 35mm pole speaker stand.  We urge anyone purchasing the Mix6AG2 to also purchase this speaker stand adapter.

In our opinion, anyone who purchases the2Mic™ with a Stinger Mix6AG2 is getting the best quality lightweight amplification package possible for classical and flamenco guitars.

Powerwerks PW 100T

The Powerwerks PW 100T is an excellent powered speaker to use with the2Mic™.   The PW-100T is  available through retailers associated with the Davitt & Hanser company.  To our best knowledge, the PW-100T is only available in the USA, but this may change now that Sweden based JAM Industries has purchased Davitt & Hanser.

Web page link: http://www.powerwerks.com/Product/ProductPage/PW100T

The sound reproduction quality for using the2Mic™ with the PW-100T is excellent.  The PW-100T has the phantom power and line out features needed for optimum performance.  The only limitation for the PW-100T is having only 1 band of EQ totaling 2 line setting at the channel level only (treble & bass).  But the speaker package of the PW-100T is so well matched to the normal bass heavy output of classical and flamenco guitars that not much EQ is usually needed.

The lead endorsing artist for the2Mic™, Adam Del Monte, has personally used a Powerwerks PW-100T for the past year, and with great success.

Mackie SRM Compact 150

We have not tested the Mackie Compact 150, but based on our previous experience with Mackie products, we expect to be impressed when we do bring one of these in to test with the2Mic™.  It has all of the critical features, and a reasonable amount of 3 lines of EQ on board.

One interesting note is that the Compact 150 is designed to be mounted on a mic stand.  Mic stands do not generally provide the same level of stability as speaker stands, but a good quality steel tripod mic stand should work great for elevating the Compact 150.

Web page link: https://mackie.com/products/srm150

Product Manual: https://mackie.com/sites/default/files/PRODUCT%20RESOURCES/MANUALS/Owners_Manuals/SRM150_OM.pdf

Final Note

There are many brands of excellent quality powered PA speakers which do not have a good quality mixer on board the speaker, or lack other important features, such as phantom power.  It is possible add a non-powered mixer prior to the Powered PA speaker to add EQ and other features needed for best possible performance in live settings with the2Mic™.  And there are some advantage to having a mixer separate from the powered speaker.  It all depends upon the individual preference of the guitarist.

One example for such a small mixer is the Behringer model 1202FX.

Video testimonial for the 1202 FX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMoWs6qtCdY