Amplifying with the2Mic™

Amplifying Overtones Versus Only Fundamental Tones

At the same time Ken Donnell was creating his exquisite new 2Mic designs, the music industry was at work developing a new generation of small, lightweight, inexpensive, and high quality P.A. amplification products. The newest generation of powered PA speakers, when used with the2Mic™, offers classical & flamenco guitarists the ease of a “plug and play” format where high quality amplification is made simple, discreet, reliable, and affordable.

While it is possible to use a guitar amplifier, or similar “combo amps” (bass, keyboard, etc.) with the2Mic™, this usually is not the optimum choice for achieving the best tone quality and feedback rejection.  Most instrument amps are designed for receiving “a processed signal” from an electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard, or similar instrument.  These instruments typically produce mostly fundamental tones, and the amps are designed to receive and reproduce only fundamental tones. But the rich natural sound of classical and flamenco guitars is because of the many overtones produced, and when a classical or flamenco guitar is amplified using the2Mic™, all of these overtones are recorded in the electronic signal sent to the amplifier, or PA system. Most amplifiers do not have suitable electronics or speakers to accurately reproduce an overtone dense signal, and these overtones simply overload the capacity of the amplifier electronics…. creating a greater possibility for feedback, and sound distortion.

Even the new generation of “acoustic amps” are mostly designed to operate with the higher impedance signal of a piezo pickup. These acoustic amps are definitely friendlier towards the2Mic™ than combo amps, but nothing matches the tone quality and feedback rejection from using a powered PA speaker.

While it is okay to use acoustic amps and other amps for classical guitars with the2Mic™, please understand the limitations.  And wherever possible, use a new generation powered PA speaker elevated on a stand, or a full PA system, for amplifying classical and flamenco guitars with the2Mic™.

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