the2Mic™ (original) is a breakthrough design for amplifying classical & flamenco guitars. the2Mic™ reproduces the natural acoustic sound of the guitar, without feedback, and without the need to alter the guitar. the2Mic™ is designed by former classical guitarist, master luthier, and legendary inventor, Ken Donnell, who has contributed a lifetime of experience to creating this amazing new product…  the2Mic™.


the2Mic™ reproduces the natural acoustic sound of the guitar, with superb accuracy, without feedback, and without modifying your classical or flamenco guitar. For the first time, the most valuable and historic instruments using the2Mic™ will be played on stage, and be heard by the entire audience.

The music industry has recently developed a new generation of small, lightweight, inexpensive, and high-quality PA amplification products, which work wonderfully with the2Mic™. Using the2Mic™ with the newest generation of powered PA speakers offers classical & flamenco guitarists the ease of a “plug and play” format where high-quality amplification is simple, discreet, reliable, affordable, and expandable. While there are many options when it comes to choosing the right PA equipment and powered speakers, there is only one authentic amplification option for classical & flamenco guitars—the2Mic™.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right PA equipment and powered speakers, and we will discuss these many options and brand names on our website  But, there is now only one realistic option for choosing a classical & flamenco guitar microphone – the2Mic™.


  • Designed for both Flamenco and Classical Guitars
  • Ideal microphone for performance and recording with highest sound quality
  • Easy to install without modifying the guitar
  • A discreet and easy quick-mount design and installation, resulting in two mics inside the guitar
  • Virtually eliminates feedback
  • Designed and manufactured in the US by legendary luthier & inventor, Ken Donnell and his team


  • An EPS-2 Power Supply, which is recommended to produce a balanced mic level output signal operating with 9-48v phantom power
  • Velcro attachments to stabilize the2Mic™ gooseneck
  • A protective carrying case with padded interior to provide safe transport and storage of the2Mic™
  • Product documentation and installation instructions


  • An EPS-1 Power Supply,  which is used to produce a battery operated mono unbalanced line level output (AA 1.5v battery), and produces an unbalanced mono line level signal of 3.5K ohms.
  • A silver 1/4″ to XLR adapter is included with the EPS-1 that will convert the mono 1/4″ phone output connector of the EPS1 to an XLR connector.  This in some cases be best for connecting to certain PA systems. Note: This adapter does not modify the output signal, it only converts to an XLR male connector.

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