TourMic wireless™ (includes the2Micpro™)

The professional choice. Just ask the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

Members of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet have provided the most simple and accurate description of the new TourMic wireless™ amplification system for classical & flamenco guitars…..  “A brilliant solution for Stealth Amplification” 

TourMic wireless™ is a dream come true for classical & flamenco guitarists because, it: sounds completely natural does not feedback at high volumes in concert settings (even when a guitarist is playing with an orchestra),  does not require plugs or cables to operate during a performance  (a guitarist is free to move and play naturally as if there no amplification taking place), installs easily, quickly, safely, and with no modification to a guitar, is virtually invisible from the view of the audience during performances, includes back-up components to use a cable (supplied) to connect to a mixer in a recording studio (or any venue where the wireless is not needed). 

The complete TourMic wireless™ system includes: a complete the2Micpro™  microphone gooseneck assembly and a state of the art Samson ATX wireless system custom manufactured to work perfectly with the2Micpro and to solve every amplification issue for live performance with classical & flamenco guitarists. The standard back-up components for the2Micpro™ to hardwire (use a cable) into a mixer or powered speaker for use in a recording studio, or any situation where the wireless is not needed, such as at a rehearsal.    


Other features about TourMic wireless™ include: Controls on the wireless transmitter which connected to the2Micpro™ (and mounted on a guitar), permit a guitarist to easily mute the signal, or to modify the volume. Once the wireless transmitter is connected to the2Micpro™, these mute and volume controls are easily accessed by the guitarist at any time before, during, or after a performance.  Most important is the large and easy to locate center mute button, which mutes or un-mutes the amplified sound silently, with no pop or noise in the speakers. This mute button allows a guitarist to

      … enter the stage with the guitar muted,

  … bow, and once seated, push on the center button of the transmitter to un-mute and turn the TourMic wireless™ “on”, and

    … begin to play without the audience being aware that the guitar is amplified.  

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