the2Mic™ (original)


For classical, flamenco, and vintage guitars. Ideal for professional performance & studio recording.


  • An EPS-2 Power Supply, which is recommended to produce a balanced mic level output signal operating with 9-48v phantom power
  • Velcro attachments to stabilize the2Mic™ gooseneck
  • A protective carrying case with padded interior to provide safe transport and storage of the2Mic™
  • Product documentation and installation instructions


  • An EPS-1 Power Supply, which is used to produce a battery-powered mono unbalanced line level output (AA 1.5v Battery)


the2Mic™ Acoustic Excellence

Introducing the2Mic™—A Dream Come True for Classical & Flamenco Guitarists

the2Mic™ is the most authentic-sounding amplification product to amplify and record the tone of classical & flamenco guitars.

the2Mic™ is the most feedback-resistant microphone in existence for amplifying guitars.

the2Mic™ quickly mounts to any classical or flamenco guitar in seconds, and with no modifications to the guitar.  Even valuable and historic instruments can now be amplified for live performance.

the2Mic™ is hand-crafted in Greenville, California,  under the supervision of lifetime musician, legendary luthier & inventor, Ken Donnell.

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Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 2.75 in


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