TourMic™ Installation

the2MicPRO™ + TourMic wireless™

Installation for TourMic wireless™ must first include the installation for the2Micpro™, so we suggest first reading the product manual for the2Micpro™ .   Once the2Micpro™ is properly installed in a classical or flamenco guitar, it is relatively easy to follow the instructions in the TourMic wireless™ manual to get everything operating properly. An important reminder….. the2Micpro™ has the option to operate effectively using a cable (hardwire) that connects directly to a PA or studio mixer.  When using the TourMic wireless™ transmitter and receiver, please pay no attention to the instructions for how to hard wire the2Micpro™ to a mixer.  

View TourMic wireless™ Manual