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CEO, Lifetime Musician, Master Luthier and Legendary Inventor of the2Mic™
CEO, Lifetime Musician, Master Luthier
and Legendary Inventor of the2Mic™

the2Mic™ was invented by lifetime musician, master luthier, and legendary inventor, Ken Donnell.  the2Mic™ is carefully assembled under Ken’s personal supervision at his workshop in Greenville, California, USA. Using the same attention to detail he once used as a luthier building hand-made classical guitars, Ken has applied a lifetime of experience to creating a simple, lightweight, discreet, and non-invasive amplification product for classical and flamenco guitars.

Meet Ken Donnell

Evolution of the2Mic™

the2Mic™ has evolved by the needs of modern classical and flamenco guitarists to be heard, and heard well, in a world that is saturated with sound, and often sound of poor quality. While many of our guitarist predecessors avoided the need to amplify their guitars… at almost any cost, modern classical and flamenco guitarists are seeing the2Mic™ and the new generation of Powered PA speakers as valuable tools to help them become more successful musicians.  

Over the years, many talented musicians have helped Ken Donnell to push the limits for how acoustic, classical, and flamenco guitars can be amplified with the most natural and feedback-free sound. The latest of these great musicians is Adam Del Monte, who was testing microphone prototypes at a concert in December of 2017 when Ken Donnell experienced the final inspiration he needed to create the2Mic™.  

Sometimes it takes a career, or a lifetime, to bring together the talent, the resources, and the inspiration for an artist to create a work of genius. Adam Del Monte recognized this genius when, during a recent visit to Ken’s workshop in Greenville, he announced at his flamenco concert for all to hear… “You have a genius living among you.’

History of MiniFlex Microphones

MiniFlex Microphone 2Mic—Model 7
MiniFlex Microphone 2Mic—Model 7

In 1987, a client asked Ken Donnell, then a full time professional luthier, to install a miniature microphone inside a Martin D-28 Guitar. That first experiment was successful, and Ken continued to improve his designs. By 1988, MiniFlex Microphones was operational, and Ken attended his first NAMM show as an exhibitor in January 1989.

Microphones and MiniFlex soon came to dominate Ken’s career, with lutherie becoming more of a passionate hobby. By 1996, MiniFlex Microphones were world famous, and there were models for a variety of stringed instruments…. mandolins, violins, upright bass, banjo, etc. By 1999 Ken was beginning to feel burned out as a small businessman, so, he closed his facility in Chico CA, and licensed his designs to GHS Strings Corp who continued to sell Ken’s original single mic designs until 2017 under the trade name – The Soundhole Mic™.

Although formally retired, Ken never stopped thinking about ways to improve mounting microphones in guitars, and in 2006 one of his tests yielded incredible results for improved feedback rejection and improved tone quality using a new prototype dual microphone system. Further development continued until the restart of MiniFlex Microphones in 2009 with release of the Model 1 and Model 2. More development followed until by 2015, there were 6 different guitar models with unique features and sound signatures, and specialty models for other stringed instruments. Visit MiniFlex Microphones at www.miniflexmic.com.

In 2016, flamenco guitarists began contacting Ken after using the Model 1, and reported results superlative to anything they had previously experienced using pickups. These guitarists were enthusiastic about the great sound quality, and feedback rejection of the Model 1, but expressed some problems with controlling the heavy bass response of flamenco guitars. Ken listened carefully to the comments of these guitarists, and eventually came to realize that his earlier 2Mic™ designs with MiniFlex were oriented towards the tone palette of steel string guitars, while the new prototypes he was testing worked best for classical and flamenco guitars.  

To avoid confusion, it was decided to keep the MiniFlex trade name involving 2Mic™ models for steel string guitars. To celebrate creating a completely new line product line, Ken decided to launch this new model for classical and flamenco guitars under the new trade name—the2Mic™.

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